Mr. Trunk visits Copenhagen - and the metropolitan area

Are you also a bit tired of the usual guidebooks around the world? They are helpful, but they often present the nations in the same way with beautiful sites covered in sunbeams and lots of praise.
I decided to make an alternative guidebook. I wanted to show people some of the genuine Danish spirit, so I had my elderly model pose nude at night in front of many typical tourist attractions. 
Believe me, it is not an easy job for a man in his best age to get naked and stand in front of the Queen´s palace in freezing weather:)
I didn´t want manipulated photos, but photos right out of the box.
I wanted people to wonder what is going on out there in the dark nights while they sleep or sit in front of their tv-sets.
Why is it that a naked person seems so dangerous when actually he is much more vulnerable, but also plain natural like we all are under our different artificiel appearances?
A nude woman would be acceptable and beautiful, but a naked man is regarded as a potential threat. That makes no sense.
Most people expect nude models to be young. Preferably a female and late teen. I won´t accept that. Therefore I chose this elderly model that has not been photoshopped, but is real and marked by life. As it turns out, his accept of himself and his way of dealing with life, has brought more power into the photos than any photoshopped teenager could ever provide.
How come we can more esily let go of ourselves in the darkness and let our armor down? 
The darkness sets us free, but is also makes us feel vulnerable.
Mr. Trunk carries different items connected to the places in various ways to make us wonder about us humans and how our hands have made us capable of making an amazing artificial and helpful world, but also a destructive one.
The name Mr. Trunk refers to traveling, his belly and his lowers parts:)
I hope you´ll give the book a try. You can buy it at,, and other places. Thank you.